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Who We Help

We accelerate the sustainable growth of mid-market private corporations and public-listed companies.

Buy-side businesses

US and Canada-based companies with revenue between $5-10M+ and profits/EBITDA at $1M+, looking to buy businesses for expansion.


US and Canada-based companies with revenue between $2-10M and profits/EBITDA at $0.5M+, looking to sell businesses for raising funds.


US and Canada-based startups with a minimum revenue of $0.5M and profits/EBITDA at $0.1M, looking to raise capital through debt and/or equity, to scale their business.

VC, PE Portfolio Companies

US and Canada-based companies with a minimum revenue of $10M, looking to improve business valuation, transform digital business capabilities including technology, and deliver operational efficiencies as part of the exit and new acquisitions.

Our Services

Expand business. Raise capital. Build value.

We’ll help you.

Debt Financing

Obtain the funds you need while retaining full ownership of your business.

 In Debt Financing, you borrow money from your lender and your obligation is to repay the borrowed amount within the agreed time frame. You do not have to share your business profits like in equity financing. Most SMEs opt for this type of financing, or a mix of both equity and debt, to restructure their operations or venture into an adjacent  business. 


Growth Capital

Raise the capital you need to scale your business and go international.

Growth capital transactions are a choice of matured startups and high-growth SMEs looking to enter new markets, expand their business with a new service or product offering or get an acquisition without transfer of control. 


M&A Advisory

Steer through a simplified and efficient merger or acquisition transaction, with us as an experienced partner by your side.

A successful M&A depends on a clear definition of the intent and purpose for a sale or buy. Planning a structured transaction is vital, whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side. Throughout the M&A lifecycle, from initial strategy to closing the deal, integration or divestiture, our team will guide you and facilitate a successful and advantageous transaction.

Strategic Advisory

Maximize Business Valuation through operational efficiencies, digital transformation, cost take out, and well-designed M&A Growth Strategy

Our Strategic Advisory services help entrepreneurs and executives develop effective growth and exit strategies, and resolve specific business events such as preparing for a Transformative Acquisition, Digital Business Transformation, Strategic Mergers, or for an International Joint Venture.

With our strong bench of Technology Bankers, Management Consultants, Business Specialists, and Experts/Advisors’ network carefully curated from big four consulting and global technology firms, we help mid-market businesses and investment funds with services supporting M&A and Divestitures like none other.

Our strategic advisory services include Business & Financial Due Diligence, Information Technology Due Diligence, Quality of Earnings Analysis, Financial Performance Improvement, Business Readiness Assessment, Value Acceleration Roadmap and Digital Business Transformation.